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Fruits and vegetables are our natural foods, those which are best suited to human physiology. For example they are the basis of the Mediterranean diet which provides a daily consumption of five portions. In addiction to health benefits, a plant-based diet is more sustainable in terms of environmental issues.

Prima Colta project wants to contribute to the spread of a healthy plant-based feeding, developing a series of tasty and ready to eat products that you can take always with you, for your daily snack or lunch break.

Connected to tradition but projected to the future, to design our products we have been inspired by mediterranean and peasant preserves culture.

Our products are born from a careful search of organic Italian raw materials, we select the most suitable varieties for the maintenance of optimal taste and textures. Our special pack, combined with our production and cooking system, allows us to have a natural cooked product which is able to preserve itself until to 18 months at room temperature. The only ingredient is the veggie that you have chosen.

Current Prima Colta products and those in developing, are born with a special attention to nutritional and sensorial aspects, trying to preserve as much as possible the natural nutritional and organoleptic properties, of veggies.

Our resources are directed towards a general improvement of our system and products.

Our community is our strength, dear "Primacoltore" we will be happy to receive your advice and your criticisms, in order to satisfy your needs.

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