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Linfa borns from the Prima Colta chestnuts snack, a spreadable cream with a soft and silky texture. The chestnuts flavor is intense, the brown cane sugar and cinnamon give it honey and slightly spicy notes. The cream is perfect for spreading on rusks, bread and crackers, for filling cakes and creating fantastic spoon desserts.

Saturated fat-free

Ingredients: Chestnuts 56% *, glucose syrup *, brown cane sugar **, cinnamon 0.05% *.

* Organic.

** Organic from Fair Trade producers.


  • Average values for 100g of products


    Energy 1222 kJ / 288 kcal

    Fats 0,4

    of which:

    saturates 0 g

    Carbohydrates 68 g

    of which:

    sugars 40 g

    Fibers 2,4 g

    Protein 1,9 g

    Salt 0,03 g


    (*) Nutrient reference values

  • Shipping costs:

    For an expense comprised between 1 and 20 €, shipping costs 6 €;

    For an expense exceeding 20 € and up to 40 €, shipping costs 3 €;

    For an expense of more than 40 €, shipping costs are included.


    Shipping times:

    48 h from receipt of the order.

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