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Buckwheat, quinoa, millet and chickpeas.

Single dish of steamed cereals and legumes with extra virgin olive oil and salt. Ready to taste.

From Italian and organic agriculture.


As they are:

Hull the product and enjoy it cold as a salad. Do you want to give vent to your imagination?

Add the ingredients you prefer.


In the pan:

Pour the contents of the package into the pan, add a little water and heat for about 4 minutes over low heat.



Open the package and microwave it directly for about 1 minute. Medium power - high.


Ingredients: water, buckwheat (13%)*, chickpeas (13%)*, quinoa (10%)*, millet (10%)*, extra virgin olive oil*, salt. *Organic. May contain traces of gluten.

Origin: Italy


Source of Magnesium

Source of Fibre

Fat free


Packaged in protective atmosphere.

Preferably store in a cool, dry place.

After opening, refrigerate and consume within two days.

Do not consume in case of perforated bag.


Format: 220 g

Red Mix

  • Average values for 100 g of product


    Energy 675 kJ / 160 kcal

    Fat 3,3 g

    of which:

    Saturates 0,1 g

    Carbohydrates 26 g

    of which:

    Sugars 0 g

    Fibre 3,7 g

    Protein 4,8 g

    Salt 1 g

    Magnesium 79,3 mg (21% VNR*)


    (*) nutrient reference values

  • Shipping costs:

    For an expense comprised between 1 and 20 €, shipping costs 6 €;

    For an expense exceeding 20 € and up to 40 €, shipping costs 3 €;

    For an expense of more than 40 €, shipping costs are included.


    Shipping times:

    48 h from receipt of the order.



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