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Welcome to the world of organic veggies 

Four simple steps, a unique result



After carefully selecting only the best veggies, they proceed to the processing phase.



They are inserted into the special bag and packed in a protective atmosphere.

Preservative free.



The product is then

cooked using steam.

Thermal heat as food

preservation system.


Quality check

After a storage phase and a careful quality control, suitable products are ready to be shipped.

Semplicibi, ready to eat mix of cereals and legumes

"Prima Colta" indicates the first harvest of the season, the most anticipated one.

We chose this name to underline the link with rural culture and our commitment to the selection of absolute quality raw materials. 

We are excited to be a part of the plant-based eating movement by offering vegan products that are easy to use and taste great.

We always would like to improve our activity, write us!

Caro Primacoltore, grazie per il tuo contributo!

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